Sigrun Luhn

Concrete Art and Pattern Painting


the artist

Sigrun Luhn, born in 1931 at Wuppertal, lives and works in Munich, Germany. She studied painting at the Academy of the Munich Bildungswerk, at the Summer Academy of Neuburg/Donau, and at the Academy of Reichenhall. She has exhibited in private organisations and in galleries in Berlin, in Starnberg and in Munich. She is a member of the "Autoren Galerie 1", PŁndtnerplatz 6, Munich Schwabing.

"Pictures pictures....... A lot of pictures are around of us - too many I think. Virtual pictures appear on the surface of the screen. Real pictures are sticking to the surfaces of walls, canvasses, papers, and so on. Most of these pictures are superficial and therefore they are quick at being forgotten. Some of us want to look at pictures as if to look through windows in the hope to see something behind. I believe the best thing for our eyes to do is to be caught by the surfaces of the pictures and to wander about. I would be happy if your eyes can do so within my conrete art and my pattern paintings."

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Concrete Art - Konkrete Kunst

a collage

The term "Art concret" was introduced by Theo van Doesburg in 1924 and fixed 1930 with a "Manifest" of a painters group. It proclaims works of art which are based especially upon mathematical ideas. One of these ist the "Plastic number" 1.324.... so called by the Italian architect Padovan at the end of the last century in analogy to the well-known "Golden number". It may be represented by a square which is divided into three congruent rectangles.

22 Paintings.
Acrylic on canvas, 50cm x 50cm and 80cm x 80cm.

Runzelkorn (Wrincles)

photographic Runzelkorn „Runzelkorn“ is a term used in graphic arts. At right the structure of „Runzelkorn“ on a foto which has been developed with too high a temperature.

A series of ten paintings, 80cm and 80cm.
Acrylic on canvas.

Inter net

The Internet At left the pattern of the link structure of the internet (Source: Wikipedia article „Internet“). Inspriation for

A series of ten paintings, 50cm x 50cm and 80cm x 80cm.
Acrylic on canvas.

Pattern Collages

a collage

A series of ten paintings, 40cm x 60cm.
Photo snippets on cardboard.

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